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Preparation for Certification Exam

The American Board of Surgical Assistants has instituted an approval system for formal educational programs and examination preparation and review, for surgical assistant certification, as a Surgical Assistant – Certified (SA-C). The goal of this approval system is to recognize those programs that are operating substantially in compliance with the educational standards developed by The American College of Surgeons (ACS) for this talented profession.

Definitions of a Surgical Assistant

First Assistant

The first assistant on a surgical procedure is defined as the individual providing primary assistance to the primary (main) surgeon, during a surgical procedure. This individual cannot be involved in any other role or function, during the surgical procedure (i.e. first or second scrub and/or passing instruments). This individual must also be listed on the operative record as the first assistant, not as a first or second scrub!.

Although descriptions may vary from institution to institution, the role of the first assistant requires active participation, during the surgical procedure. This involves providing exposure, hemostasis, tying or sewing plus other functions (excluding acting as the scrub nurse or technician) as determined
by the primary surgeon, responsible for the patient and procedure.

Eligibility Requirements:

► Physicians (U.S. or Foreign Trained), PA′s, RN′s, CST′s, Dentist must provide documentation

► CV-Resume.

► Passport Photo.

► Professional Graduate Diploma.

► ID (Passport or US Driver License).

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